Sun City

The Lost City at Sun City. Image thanks to Chantalsmith96 at en.wikipedia

Sun City in South Africa is really known as the Las Vegas of Africa because it has a lot of infrastructure and activities you would expect from Las Vegas. First of all, the main attractions are the casinos and gambling. Gambling only became legal in 1994 but it was generally restricted to horse races.  Many South Africans engage in some form of gambling although the most popular form is the lottery. Given a chance though, many would love a chance to try their luck at the machines or tables which makes Sun City a highly appealing vacation destination.

Here are the places you can stay while in Sun City:

The Cascades Hotel

A wonderful 5 star hotel where each room has a mini bar, cable TV, coffee or tea pot, laundry service and 24 hour room service. The Cascades Hotel is mostly for families because it is child-friendly and in most cases, child-proof. The hotel has a gym, swimming pool, TV room, kiddie play area, beauty salon, bar, restaurant, convenience store, pharmacy, water sports, squash courts, golf course, and lake.

In two words, the hotel is best described as comfortable sophistication. It’s ideal for those who want easy access to the center pulse of Sun City because it’s a quick and secure 20 minute walk away.

The Bakubung Bush Lodge

This is 4 star accommodations with its own casino for those who prefer not to drive to Sun City which is a 10 minute ride away. It has everything you would want in a lodge that accepts children like babysitting services, playground, friendly staff, cable TV, and outdoor pool. There are also adult activities aside from the casino like the tennis court, spa treatments, gym, coffee shop, beauty salon, in room movies, bar, massage, and a golf course within walking distance.

Bakubung Bush Lodge also has free Wi-Fi, a kitchenette and private bathroom in every room and the usual room amenities like coffee/tea pot, hairdryer, toiletries, and bottled water. The lodge was renovated and refurbished in 2005 and has maintained its upkeep and quality over the past 7 years. Their restaurant cuisine is international food although they do cater to special diet needs.

The Kwena Chalets

The Kwena Chalets is one of the most stunning accommodations in Sun City because it is situated in a beautiful garden with garden trails, a wooden bridge, and privacy for each of the 14 chalets. The complex itself is small compared to other accommodations but you wouldn’t realize it because of the wonderful way the area has been landscaped and laid out.

All 14 chalets have their own TV, kitchenette, air-con, fridge, and private bath. Unfortunately, the Wi-Fi is only available in common areas but with the many things you can experience in the complex, you might not even find time to browse the Internet.

There is a meerkat colony and crocodile sanctuary which guests are given free access to. There is a Cultural Village nearby where the locals are known to put a mini show of African dances and songs. The staff is accommodating and friendly. It is also very secure and the food is delicious.

The Sun City Main Hotel

Sun City Main Hotel brings you to the heart of Sun City. Surrounded by the glitz and glamour you can only expect from a casino/hotel, you also get to enjoy a few rounds of golf in the Gary Player Golf Course or relax at its water park. The food served in its Orchid Restaurant is Asian fusion or delicious South African cuisine at the Calabash Restaurant. The coffee shop serves continental and American-styled dishes for those who just want to eat and run off to the casinos for a chance with Lady Luck.